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Every dollar donated to Kammy’s Kause goes directly to the 4P- Support Group to help fund essential research and to support children with a 4th chromosome condition and their families. Help us raise the bar for rare disease funding.

Fall Yard Game OlympiKs

Fall Yard Game OlympiKs


Presented by Kammy’s Kause, a BeKause fundraiser benefiting The Landing


When: October 20th, 2018 – check-in begins at 9am.


Where: American Legion Campground 10584 South SR 13 Fortville, IN 46040


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Opening ceremony will be at 10:00am and the games will start directly after. Each team must have 4 players. Day of registration will be accepted, but we encourage all teams to register online before day of event, October 20th, at the website.

The entry fee is $80 per team. All team members must be 13 years of age or older.

There will be 2 different tournaments going on at the same time, so choose your events wisely. Skills Challenges will be accessible all day to play as you please. Making time for these between tournament games is your best bet to utilize your time wisely.

The Olympiks will consist of 10 events. Half of the events are tournament style and the other half are skills challenges.

Tournament Games:

(click game for rules)

Cornhole, Ladder Ball, Kan Jam, Yard Pong & Beersbee

Tournament matches will be best of 3, single elimination except for Yard Pong (see Yard Pong Rules).

After each tournament points will be awarded;

  • 1st place: 10 points
  • 2nd place: 9 points
  • 3rd place: 8 points
  • All remaining teams: 3 points (because you tried your best)

Skills Challenges:

Bocce Ball, Lawn Darts, Golf Chipping Challenge, Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby & a Basketball Shooting Competition

All players from each team must compete in each of the skills challenges.

  • Bocce, Lawn Darts and Chipping Challenge; there will be scoring rings painted onto the grass.
  • Home Run Derby; each player will get 10 swings.
  • Basketball; each player will get 10 shots and choice of point circle they want to shoot from. Each circle will have its own point value based on difficulty.

Each players’ score from each team will be combined for a total score.

Once all teams have competed in the Skills Challenge points will be awarded;

  • 1st place: 10 points
  • 2nd place: 9 points
  • 3rd place: 8 points
  • All remaining teams: 3 points (because, dammit, you DID try your best)

Bonus Game Changers:

Rollors & Bullz-I-Bucket

Each bonus game costs $10 (max 1 per team)

5 throws/rolls per game

Rally scoring system for bonus game changers

  • Rollors:
    • Your choice of 5 Rollors disks (point values are determined on both sides of each disk)
    • Points awarded for each disk’s value (face up) inside the scoring zone (Max 26 points)
  • Bullz-I-Bucket:
    • You will receive 5 hacky sacks, one of which is worth double points
    • Points awarded for any bag/s inside the buckets (Max 18 points)
      • Bottom bucket: 1 point
      • Middle bucket: 2 points
      • Top bucket: 3 points

After all games and challenges have been completed we will determine who wins GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE in our closing medal ceremony.

GOLD: will get their $80 entry fee back + Gold Medals + other prizes

SILVER: will receive their Silver Medals + other prizes

BRONZE: will receive their Bronze Medals


***Registration fees are non-refundable. A rain date will be posted ahead of time should inclement weather prevent us from competing on October 20th.