FRIDAY FoxGardin Acoustic Stage

Nate Wolfe

After meeting Jared at a Kammy’s Kause fundraiser and seeing his passion and drive to see big things happen, I knew that this was a cause I could not only get behind but also get excited about. I am honored to be a part of this year’s Kammy’s Kause festival and am proud to support all of the incredible families involved.

megan hopkins

I am incredibly honored to join such a wonderful group of people, artists, and musicians in combining efforts to change our world for the better. Helping and lifting up our tiny citizens is the first step towards a truly thoughtful society.


Keller&Cole is pumped to be taking the Kammys Kause stage again this year! Kammy’s Kause is the one thing we both look forward to all year long.  It’s a time of celebration of life and most of all LOVE.  The way it brings the community together and families from all over is extremely powerful.  Jared has created an incredible, life changing Kause for so many lives and, most of all, his very own daughter!  What kind of world we would live in if everyone would think of helping others the way this man has done!? The passion that is behind this Kause is so great!  We are beyond blessed to be a part of the Kause and there is no place we would rather be on August 19th and 20th!  The talent, the creativity, the community, the hope and the LOVE that will be going on will blow your mind!  To be able to meet with families face to face and talk about their experience is incredible!  The struggles they go thru but most of all, the hope they have in beating this! It will put a fire in your chest to strive to make a change and be part of something bigger than yourself!  We cannot wait to see all of you and rock the Kause stage for you!!  Be bold, be brave, be love!!


FRIDAY FoxGardin Main Stage

shiny penny

We’re thrilled to be behind an event with such an honorable cause. Jared’s passion for this rare disease and the research funded by Kammy’s Kause is inspiring. We believe in what is good and true, and recognize this concert as something that promotes those ideals. We are very excited to volunteer our time for Kammy! (@shinypennyband)


We are absolutely thrilled to be joining the Kammy’s Kause lineup again this year! We have been hearing for years how incredible of an event this is – both from our friends in performing acts and those attending year after year. It is not just a great benefit for a worthy cause but also a testament to what is possible when people come together to impact something bigger. We look forward to joining the army of passionate individuals that make this event such an important part of the 4p- syndrome fight as well as a must-see event in Hoosier music year after year.

Brandon Whyde

I’ve only recently learned about and begun educating myself on 4P- after meeting Jared Hiner, president and founder of Kammy’s Kause. I am grateful to have met Jared. His selflessness and passion to raise funding and awareness for families affected by 4P- is inspiring. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn even more, and to spend time with those directly affected by this syndrome. I am grateful and honored for the opportunity to humbly render whatever service I can to his cause-to Kammy’s Kause.”

coup d’eTat

The first time Coup had heard of the KAUSE was in August 2015 when bassist Phil Sloan joined the ringleader Jared Hiner for a double set of Hiner’s group ” Me and Mine”. When Sloan took the stage he was in awe. Not because of the size of the festival, or the large crowd still rocking out at midnight. He was in awe at the amount of love shared between everyone. Looking around he could see kids playing, adults singing, and all this money being raised for a great KAUSE. Once this information was shared with the rest of his band mates they knew it was an event they wanted to be a part of. With all the poison in this world(violence, and war, politics and religious extremism) it is enlightening to discover a space in our community built around love. Coup can’t thank Jared and his crew enough for allowing us to be apart of the 2016 Kause. They look forward to one unforgettable Saturday!


We are truly blessed to be a part of this incredible event and we are very excited to return to Kammy’s Kause.  Jared Hiner has been a part of many Kammy’s Kause bands throughout the years but Me&Mine is a true solo project.  Jared’s deeply personal lyrics are a reflection of many years of love, loss, and the daily struggles of a single father.  We are incredibly proud of Jared for his dedication to the Kause, the 4p- families, and his beautiful daughters.

We are looking forward to being a part of one of the best music festivals in the Midwest and doing our part to continue raising awareness and funding for the 4p- Support Group.  We also ask that you do your part and invite EVERYONE you know.  See ya’ll at the party!

-Ryan Burwell

SATURDAY FoxGardin Acoustic Stage

carey goodspeed


AJ Sandlin

Seeing people gather around a great Kause and wanting to actively make a difference is truly inspirational to me. Much like the Hiner family, my family has been affected by a genetic disorder known as Fragile X syndrome which impacts my older brother. I’ve grown up around individuals with both disabilities and individuals who are truly willing/wanting to help. Being a part of those who help is the reason I’m thrilled to play at Kammy’s Kause this year.

Jeff Kelly

I am choosing to play Kammy’s Kause because of community. It is a true honor, and privilege to play amongst so many talented peers; individuals I am lucky enough to call friends and “family”. It’s an even greater honor to become a part of such a driven grassroots organization and community with such a heartfelt message and the greatest of intentions. Elated to be on board!

ryan brewer



I met my friend, Jared Hiner, several years ago upon moving to Indiana from the West Coast.  It soon became apparent that Jared was intensely involved with something much bigger than himself – that something was Kammy’s Kause. I remember being incredibly excited and honored to be included in such a prominent local musical festival leading up to our first year playing the Kause.  However, nothing could have prepared me for the magnitude of what the Kause really was/is and what it represents.  The Kause is so much more than the amazing people that work so hard to make it so successful every year.  It is so much more than the incredible bands that grace the stage every year.  It is far bigger than the memories made and the epic nights “novels could be written about”. No doubt, those things make the Kause one of the biggest and best events of the the year.  But, none of this would hold any significance for me if it didn’t have a bigger purpose and I can’t think of a bigger purpose than little angels such as Kamdyn “Kammy” Hiner and all of the other 4p- children across the globe that benefit from Kammy’s Kause.  I have had the honor of getting to know Kamdyn over these last several years and I can think of few humans as amazing as this little girl.  Kamdyn and others like her will never get wrapped up in the trivial matters that so many of us find ourselves stressing over.  Kamdyn doesn’t judge, she doesn’t manipulate, she doesn’t harbor resentment, she doesn’t exude negativity.  She is an eternal optimist and she only knows what love is.  I truly believe that God sets kids such as these among us to give us a true glimpse of heaven.  It is clearly apparent every single year that the indelible, infectious spirit of these children seems to set the tone for the entire event and it is a force to reckon with.

SATURDAY FoxGardin Main Stage

sweet poison victim

Kammy comes to see one of SPVs members at his job from time to time. He is always happy to see her. She occasionally gives him a hug. It warms his heart to see her when her and grandma come in. He asked the members if they could play for her Kause and they were all so grateful to do so for such an amazing girl.


This is an amazing triumph for all these people affected by 4p-. Jared Hiner has inspired me with the love and passion he has, not only for his daughter, but for all of these people. To think of the impact this event makes in their lives is a beautiful feeling. Alex and I look forward to the honor of performing this year and enjoying the good times!

dell zell



Blue Moon Revue will be playing our 10th Kause and we couldn’t be happier about it. It’s a good time for a good Kause and we love being part of the action. Year after year, it’s great to see so many people come together to raise awareness and money while having a blast.

jenn christy

Kammy’s Kause has been an immediate “yes”  every year I have played it.  When Jared asked me eleven years ago to play the first one I honestly had very little knowledge of what I was going to be a part of, but I knew Jared and that was enough.  I obviously became quickly aware of the Kause and as quickly became friends with so many wonderful people I can’t wait to see (and usually get a big hug out of) every year! That’s not even including the plethora of incredible musicians that I love and get to hear, see, and catch up with! I have so many amazing memories from KK over the years, but my absolute favorite is when Nathan, one of the beautiful faces of Kammy’s Kause, jumped up on stage and sang Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”.  Being a live performer doesn’t get better than a moment like that and I will always be thankful I get to have that one in my heart!  I look forward to many more years of Kammy’s Kause and I love watching it grow more and more with all the amazing people that keep it thriving.


There are a number of reasons why I continue to play music.  One of the biggest is having the ability to reach people with my songs….to have a positive impact.  When Jared approached me about playing music at a benefit show in honor of his daughter Kammy, there wasn’t much to think about.  If memory serves, he and I were just getting to know each other at the time…doing some shows together.  I just knew he was a good guy…and having a daughter of my own that year, his cause resonated with me.  This was one of those chances for my music to have a positive impact.

It’s been so inspiring to see Kammy’s Kause grow over the last eleven years.  I’m so proud of Jared and all the time and energy he’s invested…that’s certainly what fuels the festival’s success.  I’m also proud of all the wonderful and talented musicians, sponsors, vendors and volunteers that step up year after year to rally around a friend.  The way it’s brought together the local music family here in Indy with the 4p- family…it’s just awesome to be a part of.  I hope my involvement Kammy’s Kause continues for many years to come…

Well it’s hard to believe it’s been 12 years,

Since he started this event

Just a bunch of good folks in an open field

To rally around a friend

 We got all kinds of good music,

Good food and good drink

Then we turn it up a little louder

When the sun starts to sink

 Yeah we all got our burdens, some of them are great

And it helps when ya got community,

Good friends & good faith

Some things out there, we ain’t found a cure for yet

But we gotta keep on fighting the fight

And do our best

 So here we are, we’re doin just that

All the while having fun

Light up the night with music,

I’m happy that I am one

We don’t do it for the money, acclaim or applause

We all come together in the name of LOVE,

And Kammy, she’s the Kause


We rarely get to play shows that mean half as much as this one does.  That feeling of doing anything for your kids is powerful, and the fact that Jared’s been able to help so many people in the process is amazing.  Just being a small part of this is an honor, we can’t wait to be there!


Tied is honored to be invited to perform at Kammy’s Kause 2016. Thanks to the efforts of Jared Hiner and the festival that he founded in 2004, funding for research into finding a cure for Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome has increased by hundreds of thousands of dollars. He has spread awareness of the rare disease, which is tragically underfunded, and he has helped countless families and those affected by the disease. We in Tied are proud to be associated with such an upstanding individual in Jared and with the festival Kammy’s Kause and look forward to doing our part to make this the best event that we can. Rock on.


It is an absolute pleasure for me and the band to be a part of Kammy’s Kause.  You just have to attend to really get a true sense of what I mean by that.  You have to meet the kids and hear their parents testimonies. As a musician and father myself, the amount of love,respect and admiration I have for Jarred Hiner cannot be understated.  This will be the bands 9th year in a row to participate.  For us, there is this almost tangible feeling of joy and inspiration that exists every single year there that we can’t wait to get back to.  I’ve never asked the other bands, but I’m pretty sure everyone else can feel that too. Not to mention getting to hang out with and listen to a lot of local/regional musicians that I’ve come to know and love over the years. The camaraderie among musicians here is unmatched. Both my band and my entire family truly look forward to this event every single year.

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The Twin Cats have been a huge supporter of Kammy’s Kause since the beginning.  As we were coming up in the music scene we believed that if all the musicians could support each other we would all make it! And in a way it was true.  If we showed up to your show and brought our fans, the next band would return the favor at our next show.  So in the beginning we were really doing it to support our good friend Jared and the Kause he was fighting for because of the support he gave us early in our career.   And then we met Kammy! This girl is a Rock Star!

If the man upstairs gives you a talent that you can use to make a difference in someone’s life, or even better multiple people’s lives, then you gotta do it. But when you can use your talents to help a friend and their family, there is no better feeling.  So the reason we play Kammy’s Kause, is for Kammy. –  Twin Cats

breakdown kings

Breakdown Kings have had the pleasure of being involved in Kammys Kause in some way, shape, or form for the last 7 years. Not only do we have a lot of excitement for the overarching theme and purpose of this event; we also have our own personal attachments to the staff, krew, and the families that we have gotten to know and love over the years.  We are band mates that learned to be friends first, which makes the creation of music more enjoyable for all…same thing goes with our involvement and support of Kammy’s Kause.   There is a humanistic side of things that we naturally attract to and this is at the core of it.  There is much joy that comes along with being able to play for a crowd that appreciates us and knows that our hearts are all in the same place…to improve the quality of life for all families impacted by 4P-.  The condition is rare, but the great thing is that the love and support that comes along with this event within and outside of these two days, IS NOT!

It is truly our pleasure to play music, volunteer, smile, hug, and love any and all that join in for the weekend!  After it is all said and done, we know from being educated by our brother and founder, Jared Hiner, what the opportunities and enhancements are that come from the proceeds of this event….and that in itself is enough for us to say YES to this…in perpetuity.

Here’s to another successful weekend…another family that sees a better day….another child that is greeted with unconditional love…another advocate on board…and here’s to YOU for supporting a great Kause!!!

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To us, the Kause and the people involved have become like family. It’s the first time we’ve truly experienced the full extent of the positive power of music and what it can do for those in pain and tough times. To see the hope and happiness on the faces of the 4p- families is to know the reach of the Kause, and it seems that so few benefits give those that volunteer and donate a chance to really get to know the people they are helping. It is in this way that Kammy’s Kause seems so much more real.


We can’t imagine a year where we weren’t able to be a part of the Kause, and consider it one of our most anticipated events of the year. We are especially excited this year to welcome some of our other friends to the family, and hope that they can experience the same level of love and hope that we always have. We hope that someday, the positivity that this festival brings will spread far and wide, and people everywhere can feel what we here in Indiana are so lucky to have this close to home.