4P- Support Group Region 3 Retreat

Make plans to join us for a 4p- family retreat June 19th to June 21st!

What is the retreat? The retreat is a weekend away for you and your family to be surrounded by other parents who “get it”. Often our families have to choose whether to go on a family vacation or attend a regional gathering. We hope this retreat provides them with a way to do both. We will have a few group activities planned but families can choose how they want to spend their time at the Lodge. This will especially be great for some of the older kids who may “be bored” with what the adults are doing and chatting about.

Why should we go? Whether you are facing an important decision, needing to address a difficult situation, or simply yearning to slow down enough to connect, this retreat is for you! There is no better way to learn more about 4p-/WHS than meeting other families in person.

What will we leave with? Strength from the bonds that tie our families together! New friendship will be made and existing friendship will be made stronger.

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