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A Letter From Our Founder & President on COVID-19

A Letter From Our Founder & President on COVID-19


A Letter From Our Founder & President on COVID-19


Hello all,

We hope this message finds you well during this unprecedented time. At Kammy’s Kause we strive to create an inclusive environment that highlights just how amazing our special needs communities are, especially those with 4p- and/or Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome. We pride ourselves on the measures we set in place to ensure the safety of everyone who attends one of our events year after year. Due to these measures and the circumstances we are all currently facing we have decided to postpone Kammy’s Kause 2020 until October 10th, 2020. We understand that there is a possibility that we must postpone even further (2021) if the COVID-19 situation is still threatening the health and safety of our communities. We will continue to operate within the guidelines set forth by our governing officials and the scientific community as we prepare for our event. Again, the health and safety of everyone is our top priority and we will not jeopardize that for an event that we can easily (comparatively) reschedule.

Along with the postponement of the event we will also be handling things a little differently than in years past. We understand the economic hardship of the current situation and what it is doing to small businesses across our communities. Many of our friends and family members operate their own businesses and are feeling the impact of COVID-19 in every way imaginable. It is with this understanding that we will be waiving all vendor fees at our next event. We want to create as much business as we can for these independent companies without asking for anything in return. It is our goal and mission to create an empathetic, loving and understanding community and we feel this is one way to help do that. We will still have a vendor application process, like usual, and will work tirelessly to accommodate as many of them as possible.

We will continue to update everyone as things develop but for now our hope is that everyone will continue to put the well-being of others ahead of their own wants and needs. We are in this together, which is the only way we can defeat it, together. Please consider others, especially the elderly and immuno-compromised in your neighborhoods as if they were your own family. Check in on them, see if they need anything, the strong-willed are usually the quietest. I truly believe empathy, love and understanding will guide us through this difficult time if we allow it to. We love and miss all of you and cannot wait to see your beautiful faces once again. Until then, stay kind, stay safe and stay healthy.


Jared Hiner