The continued support from our community is imperative and YOU have the opportunity to support the only fundraiser of its kind! We welcome event volunteers, campaign volunteers, and friends of the Kause. We also have a variety of sponsorship and partnership opportunities.


Every dollar donated to Kammy’s Kause goes directly to the 4P- Support Group to help fund essential research and to support children with a 4th chromosome condition and their families. Help us raise the bar for rare disease funding.


We are so glad you are interested in supporting Kammy’s Kause!

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    Donating an AuKtion Item?

    ***Important - Fee Reminder : $75 or $50 w/ $25 Item Donation

    Electrical Needs
    ***Important - If YES is selected, a SINGLE 110 outlet distribution box may be supplied but the vendor is required to bring their own extension cord

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    Food & Beverage Vendors// 

      Electrical Needs
      ***Important - If Electrical Needed, you must select one of the following electrical requirements from the below menu

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      Watt’s What

      When calculating your electrical needs, it’s helpful to have a fundamental understanding of these three basic terms:

      Amperage (amp): the volume of electricity in a circuit

      Voltage: essentially, this is the “push” that forces electricity through a wire

      Wattage: the amount of electrical power used or produced per second

      To determine how many watts of power an electronic device needs to operate, use this formula:


      For more information and assistance to help you choose the correct power needed, please visit :