The continued support from our community is imperative and YOU have the opportunity to support the only fundraiser of its kind! We welcome event volunteers, campaign volunteers, and friends of the Kause. We also have a variety of sponsorship and partnership opportunities.


Every dollar donated to Kammy’s Kause goes directly to the 4P- Support Group to help fund essential research and to support children with a 4th chromosome condition and their families. Help us raise the bar for rare disease funding.


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Saturday, August 11th


9:00pm-9:45pm – Audiodacity

10:05pm-10:50pm – The Fighting Jamesons (FEATURE)

11:10pm-12:00am – Breakdown Kings


“To us, the Kause and the people involved have become like family. It’s the first time we’ve truly experienced the full extent of the positive power of music and what it can do for those in pain and tough times. To see the hope and happiness on the faces of the 4p- families is to know the reach of the Kause, and it seems that so few benefits give those that volunteer and donate a chance to really get to know the people they are helping. It is in this way that Kammy’s Kause seems so much more real.
We can’t imagine a year where we weren’t able to be a part of the Kause, and consider it one of our most anticipated events of the year. We are especially excited this year to welcome some of our other friends to the family, and hope that they can experience the same level of love and hope that we always have. We hope that someday, the positivity that this festival brings will spread far and wide, and people everywhere can feel what we here in Indiana are so lucky to have this close to home.”

Artist Bio

Audiodacity’s ongoing mission is to use music as an outlet to share their love of life and to spread their message that “Anything is possible!”

Each individual member of Audiodacity has been involved with music for the majority of their lives; however, they were all close friends long before forming a band was ever even an idea—some members have even known each other as early as elementary school. It is this camaraderie, this sense of brotherhood, that allows them pull 6 completely different musical backgrounds and influences into one cohesive and eclectic sound.

From their humble beginnings as a cover band in 2011 to their current notoriety of being a genre-bending powerhouse, Audiodacity continues to push forward, exploring new musical ideas and performing unforgettable live shows.

Artist Bio

The Fighting Jamesons deliver a traditional style of music with an aggressive and energetic modern-day approach. Forming in 2010, The Fighting Jamesons quickly gained a strong presence on the East Coast. They’ve shared the stage with legendary Irish rock acts such as Dropkick Murphys, The Saw Doctors, and Young Dubliners. In November of 2011 the band released their self-titled debut album, produced and engineered by Capital Records recording artist Mark Padgett (Mae)

Breakdown Kings = the Voltron of Indy music.


“Breakdown Kings have had the pleasure of being involved in Kammys Kause in some way, shape, or form for the last 9 years. Not only do we have a lot of excitement for the overarching theme and purpose of this event; we also have our own personal attachments to the staff, krew, and the families that we have gotten to know and love over the years.  We are band mates that learned to be friends first, which makes the creation of music more enjoyable for all…same thing goes with our involvement and support of Kammy’s Kause.   There is a humanistic side of things that we naturally attract to and this is at the core of it.  There is much joy that comes along with being able to play for a crowd that appreciates us and knows that our hearts are all in the same place…to improve the quality of life for all families impacted by 4P-.  The condition is rare, but the great thing is that the love and support that comes along with this event within and outside of these two days, IS NOT!
It is truly our pleasure to play music, volunteer, smile, hug, and love any and all that join in for the weekend!  After it is all said and done, we know from being educated by our brother and founder, Jared Hiner, what the opportunities and enhancements are that come from the proceeds of this event….and that in itself is enough for us to say YES to this…in perpetuity.
Here’s to another successful weekend…another family that sees a better day….another child that is greeted with unconditional love…another advocate on board…and here’s to YOU for supporting a great Kause!!!”
Instagram: @breakdownkings
Twitter: @breakdownkings

Saturday, August 11th


9:45pm-10:05pm – Mike Boo

10:50pm-11:10pm – Kelly Zullo

Artist Bio

I am a singer/songwriter performing in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. I perform solo and in duo settings in order to create a unique engagement.

Artist Bio

“A One Man Band Like You’ve Never Seen Before”

Incorporating machine-gun acoustic guitar skills, live drumming and simultaneous ‘foot pedal bass’, Kelly Zullo takes the art of singer-songwriter to a new level. She breathes fresh air into the ‘one man band concept’ by using it as a vehicle to uniquely frenetic acoustic guitar playing, live looped drums and quirky life-bent philosophy acoustic funk jams that take the listeners ears off with her speed, accuracy and syncopation.

In her hometown of Columbus, OH, she was voted 614 Magazine’s “Best Solo Musician” for 2014/15 and most recently was reviewed by Guitar World Magazine, describing her latest release as “An energetic acoustic guitar assault by this skilled, funky speed demon”. Kelly also appeared in the 2014 show “Woodchopper’s Ball” at Kent Stage which features 9 of the top acoustic guitarists from around the country.

Sunday, August 12th


12:00pm-12:40pm – Awake the Wilde

1:00pm-1:40pm – The Trip

2:00pm-2:40pm – Jenn Cristy

4:00pm-4:40pm – The Rob Dixon Quartet

5:00pm-5:40pm – Keller&Cole

6:00pm-6:40pm – Corey Cox

7:00pm-7:40pm – Twin Cats

8:00pm-8:40pm – Blue Moon Revue

9:00pm-10:00pm – Cliff Ritchey w/ Josh Kaufman

Artist Bio

Born within the underground heart of Indianapolis, Awake the Wilde spawned in a room surround by concrete.  Inside this basement for most of the initial solidification process were the core-four members: Cheese, Wild Billy, Sammy G, and Blu.  Forging through sonic barriers whilst sharing emotion and sweat on every possible evening, making improbable progress while creating music the way it was made to be played; as collisions of sound and soul became visceral. Each member furnished this new music with his own flavor of touch and the un-teachable.  Then one day, this bolognese of bottomless bass and lyrics betwixt both lovely licks and smoldering riffs became even tastier.  This new ingredient was a man with rhythm in his blood and a groove in his brain.  His name is Dan, known to the band as the Magic Man and he was just the change the band was awaiting. His arrival was a dose of fate and ton of fun as together they developed the song’s landscapes, explored foreign wavelengths and harnessed the prowess of performance for an even greater live experience.  Now, more than ever, the band is ready for the journey just beginning.  With aims to revive, not appeal and steal the show anytime on stage as they remind the world that rock n Roll will never die; with a style of music that can only be described as the Funk- Pop, Rock- Hop Blues, Awake the Wilde is here.

Artist Bio

A dynamic, original trio out of the midwest, The Trip has been captivating audiences since 2013 and are rapidly gaining recognition. The band is known for their psychedelic jam band style with a new twist, adding captivating vocals to the mix. The occasional addition of saxophone and keyboard as well as often improv jams, guarantees that you will never see two shows exactly the same. The Trip is pushing the boundaries of what a jam band can be and they are garnering a vast fanbase in the process.

“The Trip is one of the best power trios I’ve seen play in the mid-west. They draw the crowd and myself into their performance so much that at sudden stops, you could hear a pen if it were dropped on the ground.” -Honer Harmonica Sponsored Carson Diersing

“The Trip is a band of three, young well-rounded musicians in every way. Everywhere I see them play and when they perform at my radio show, their passion and desire for music really hits home with anyone and everyone that is listening.” -Penny Lane with WSVX Giant 96 Real Radio


“Kammy’s Kause has been an immediate “yes”  every year I have played it.  When Jared asked me twelve years ago to play the first one I honestly had very little knowledge of what I was going to be a part of, but I knew Jared and that was enough.  I obviously became quickly aware of the Kause and as quickly became friends with so many wonderful people I can’t wait to see (and usually get a big hug out of) every year! That’s not even including the plethora of incredible musicians that I love and get to hear, see, and catch up with! I have so many amazing memories from KK over the years, but my absolute favorite is when Nathan, one of the beautiful faces of Kammy’s Kause, jumped up on stage and sang Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”.  Being a live performer doesn’t get better than a moment like that and I will always be thankful I get to have that one in my heart!  I look forward to many more years of Kammy’s Kause and I love watching it grow more and more with all the amazing people that keep it thriving.”

Artist Bio

Singer/songwriter Jenn Cristy has been refining her original sound for nearly a decade now as a solo artist, pushing in new directions with each album while always retaining the rock n’ roll soul that has brought audiences across the country to their feet.
For the latest album, Crawl, Cristy spent nearly two years working with her band members before even entering the studio. The result is her most polished and nuanced album to date, a blend of storytelling lyrics with pop hooks and dazzling instrumental work that is sure to please both devoted fans and first-time listeners.
Now on her fifth solo album, Jenn began her career with John Mellencamp, meeting the Hoosier rocker in Bloomington, Indiana, where she was in the midst of an all-American swimming career at Indiana University. During her stint with Mellencamp’s band she proved her versatility, playing flute, piano, percussion, organ, and violin in addition to singing. When she embarked on her solo career in 2003, she wanted to create a sound that both honored all of her varied influences – from Ben Folds to Pink and Bruce Hornsby to Queen – while creating something decidedly original.
It is clear that her music has found a hungry audience. Cristy has played around the country, sharing the stage with a veritable who’s-who of artists – Shawn Mullins, John Eddie, Antigone Rising, Indigenous, Bree Sharp, Jeffery Gaines, Danielia Cotton and Michael Gabliki (Rusted Root) –or dominating it herself. Her songs have earned praise everywhere from blogs and small-town newspapers to The New York Times. The piano-driven rock is a platform for lyrics that encompass everything from matters of the heart to politics to straight-ahead fun…or murder. In Cristy’s world, every story has a melody.

A very special meet and greet with the 4p- Families & Kammy’s Ride arrival

Sunday, August 12th 2:40pm-3:40pm

Artist Bio

Nationally recognized Saxophonist, Rob Dixon has worked with a wide variety of Artists, from Illinois Jacquet to Ali from “a tribe called quest”. In addition to working full time as a musician, Dixon works for the Owlstudios record label and is one of the principle organizers for Indy Jazz Fest (An annual jazz festival in Indianapolis IN).
A graduate Hampton University, Rob Dixon continued studies At Indiana University in the Masters of Music program under the Direction of David Baker. In the subsequent years following Rob Dixon established himself as a professional musician, working with the Count Basie band, Rufus Reid,, Composer Bill Lee (spike lee’s father), Illinois Jacquet, Jonah Jones, Mike Clark’s “Indigo Blue” as well as many others. Dixon returned to Indianapolis in 2002 and started Triology (the first group to be signed by the Owlstudios record label). Recently one of Rob Dixon’s original compositions (“Soul Talk”) (performed by Derrick Gardner and the Jazz Prophets) has been featured in the major motion picture “Big Stan” (a Rob Schneider directorial debut). Currently Rob Dixon is working with Derrick Gardner, Mike Clark, Steve Allee and Cynthia Layne on a regular basis.

Artist Bio

Formed in October of 2014, Keller&Cole crafted the sincere yet powerful acoustic duo out of their home base in Indianapolis. Their collaborative sound is deeply rooted in their passion to break barriers with music. Keller&Cole’s intimate presence and blended voices invite the audience to listen closely to their carefully constructed lyrics.

“Lean in as you listen. The only voices you hear are those of Landon Keller and Kara Cole. You won’t hear any misstep, pitch problems, copy-catting or song lifting. You only hear two well-rounded salty emotional voices perfectly paralleling each other. The songwriting is pro. Finished. Produced and ready for ears everywhere. As a songwriter and singer myself I am always searching for inspiration. I go back to the old stuff, peruse the current and then jump ahead to the high school stations where it’s all new and freshly planted and wonderful. Although I love the new stuff and find it inspiring, undeniably Iots of times there are too many obvious giveaways that tell me exactly who the artist is copying. When I listen to Landon and Cara I hear the richness and years on Landon’s voice, the humble work of getting it right over the years and being ready. Cara offers a vulnerability in her voice and a beautiful lilt that shows you her pain. Together they’ve worked out a unique duo.
— Jennie Devoe – Singer Songwriter, Jennie Devoe

Artist Bio

Deciding to trade in his college baseball jersey and curveball for a Martin guitar and life on the road was a major turning point in Corey Cox’s life. At just 20 years old, Corey made a decision to step outside of his traditional, comfortable, Indiana small town existence and throw everything he had at an unpredictable and precarious life as a music man.

Now, five years, three albums, and hundreds of shows later, 2014 sees Corey releasing his breakout single & music video “Wake Up Drunk” to acclaim from fans and critics alike as the song gains strong radio support across the nation.

While on the road and splitting time between his home state of Indiana and Nashville, TN the past five years, Corey has shared the stage with Sugarland, Dierks Bentley, Darius Rucker, Josh Turner, and Chris Young at prestigious music venues, tours, rodeos, fairs and festivals across the country. Continuing his rapid climb in the country music world in 2012, Corey performed for tens of thousands of fans in the Super Bowl XLVI Village, sang the National Anthem at the Brickyard 400 Nationwide Race and secured a major sponsorship with Coors Banquet beer. Corey has built his name through his connective lyrics, contagious songs, and energetic live shows – a combination that has attracted a strong and loyal following.

“I have truly been blown away by the amount of fan support I have gained over the last couple of years,” says Corey. “It just amazes me that people will spend their hard-earned money on my records, travel hundreds of miles to watch me perform, and invest so much of their energy and emotion in my career. I still get goose bumps every time I walk on stage. This is what I was put on this earth to do. And I’m going to continue to give it everything I have – and have one hell of a time doing it.”

twin cats


“The Twin Cats have been a huge supporter of Kammy’s Kause since the beginning.  As we were coming up in the music scene we believed that if all the musicians could support each other we would all make it! And in a way it was true.  If we showed up to your show and brought our fans, the next band would return the favor at our next show.  So in the beginning we were really doing it to support our good friend Jared and the Kause he was fighting for because of the support he gave us early in our career.   And then we met Kammy! This girl is a Rock Star!
If the man upstairs gives you a talent that you can use to make a difference in someone’s life, or even better multiple people’s lives, then you gotta do it. But when you can use your talents to help a friend and their family, there is no better feeling.  So the reason we play Kammy’s Kause, is for Kammy.”

Artist Bio
Face melting funk in your face……melting it

4-Piece Funk/Jazz band, formed by identical twins, Adam and Seth Catron. Based in Indianapolis, IN.

Artist Bio

Blue Moon Revue is a true rock n roll band in every sense of the word. Mixing the diverse musical backgrounds of the bands members into a style all their own, Blue Moon Revue formed back in 1999 when a couple of Indiana University students wanted to get together and play the kind of music they loved.
While most college bands call it quits after graduation, these guys remained friends and continued making music together. The strength and longevity of that relationship has been essential to the band’s songwriting and development over the years.
Now calling the great city of Indianapolis their home, Blue Moon Revue has toured nationally and shared the stage with many other notable acts such as Santana, Galactic, OK GO and The Meat Puppets to name a few.

Artist Bio – Cliff Ritchey

Cliff Ritchey gathers his songwriting inspiration from the simple country life he surrounds himself with in Markleville, Indiana. His desire is to connect with people on a deeper, more vulnerable level through his music. Cliff’s writing career took off in 1999 as a rock & roll front man for the band AMDrive. His band was awarded the opportunity to be part of the American Music Awards Competition as one of the Top Ten Unsigned Bands featuring his song “Better Off Just Me”. Since then, Cliff’s musical journey has taken many exciting turns. In 2004 he released his first solo album This Is Front, followed by All Kidding Aside (2006), Seasons (2013) and most recently, The Second Half (2017) featuring the song “Honey Baby” which won 1st place in the Chris Austin Songwriting Competition (featured judges Andrew Marlin, Rodney Crowell, & Johnny Williams) and 3rd place in the International Songwriting Competition (featured judges included Tom Waits, Lorde, Ziggy Marley & and others). Stylistically Cliff’s songwriting ranges from acoustic heartfelt Americana/Folk tunes to songs with complex progressions and melodies that fit tightly inside a simple acoustic production. The Second Half is steeped in organic American musical greats like Johnny Cash and Ryan Adams, as well as one of Canada’s finest exports, Ron Sexsmith. Cliff has also served as a touring guitarist for Jon McLaughlin, Josh Kaufman (winner of The Voice Season 6) and Latin recording artist Jaci Velasquez in addition to raising a family and maintaining a busy schedule as a commercial photographer.

“Cliff is an absolute pleasure to work with.  His performances and spirit are authentic.  Mix an exceptional, multi-talented recording artist with a super likable next-door neighbor type and you get Cliff.  I appreciate his follow-though and commitment to getting his customers their desired result.”  — Kris Harter (Owner, Belgian Horse Winery)

“The unbeatable combination of laid back and high energy is what you will find with Cliff Ritchey!  This one of a kind, amazing musician is sure to keep the entire crowd happy.  This classical rock genius always keeps everyone begging for more at The Stable!!”  –Missy Denny (Owner, The Stable)

“Cliff has a reoccurring schedule with us because he is considered one of our premier performing artist. He has a great energy and a good following, he plays alone, with his wife or with his band and in all cases the crowds love him.”  –Bill Lett (Owner/ Designer, Elm Street Brewing)

Artist Bio – Josh Kaufman

For most of his life, Josh Kaufman has used his smooth, masterful vocals to uplift and inspire. As winner of the sixth season of The Voice, the Indianapolis-based singer/songwriter proved himself possessed of a stunning range and singular power to capture pure emotion. Also a longtime guitarist and piano player, Kaufman is now gearing up to release a debut album that channels his rich vocal work into a gracefully catchy blend of soul, funk, R&B, rock, and classic pop.

Growing up in a musical family, the Florida-born Kaufman got his start singing in church when he was just four-years-old. In addition to performing in choirs throughout his childhood, he further honed his vocal skills in part by closely studying the layered harmonies of gospel music. While attending high school in Blacksburg, Virginia, Kaufman began playing in bands and writing his own songs, mining much inspiration from the soulful yet fiery and guitar-fueled sound of Lenny Kravitz. Kaufman kept up with his music throughout college and, some years after earning his degree in philosophy, went on to become a staple of the Indianapolis music scene as a solo artist and frontman for local soul band, The New Etiquette.

Despite his dedication and undeniable passion for singing, Kaufman found himself struggling to move forward with his music as the years went on. “The more I thought about it, the more I realized how important it was for me to keep on pursuing music in my life,” says Kaufman. “But since my wife and I had started building a family, I wasn’t at a point where I could just keep going and see what came of it. I knew that if I was really going to make something happen, I needed a jumpstart.” That jumpstart came in the summer of 2013, when Kaufman auditioned for The Voice and ended up selected for the show. Throughout the season, Kaufman floored audiences with his stirring renditions of tracks like Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me,” Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” and John Legend’s “All of Me”—the studio performances of which each climbed to the top 5 on the iTunes Charts –and eventually made his way to victory.

Along with setting to work on his debut album, Kaufman’s kept busy over the past year by sitting in with The Roots on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, headlining the Indy Jazz Fest, and making his Broadway debut in the Tony Award-winning Pippin (for which he played the lead and title role). Naming soul legends like Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye and introspective singer/songwriters like Jeff Buckley and Paul Simon among his favorite artists, Kaufman says one of his main goals for his debut is to make music infused with a powerful intimacy. “I’m a pretty reserved and introverted person by nature, and singing has always been a way to express the things that I might not express otherwise,” Kaufman notes. “At its best music creates this deep emotional connection that transcends explanation,” he continues, “and that, I think, is what keeps me making music.”


Sunday, August 12th


12:40pm-1:00pm – TBD

1:40pm-2:00pm – Chandler Guion

3:40pm-4:00pm – Cole Woodruff

4:40pm-5:00pm – Eric Pedigo

5:40pm-6:00pm – Matthew Corken

6:40pm-7:00pm – J. Elliott

7:40pm-8:00pm – Ryan M. Brewer

8:40pm-9:00pm – Levi Driskell

Artist Bio

Artist Bio

While Americana Folk Singer/songwriter, Cole Woodruff accompanies himself expressively on guitar and harmonica, it’s his dynamic voice that soothes and his powerful lyrics that mend hearts.

Cole turns each venue into his own living room, and each listener into a new friend, with a disarming personality and his honest performance. Aside from being a songwriter, he is simply a gem of uniqueness and authenticity.

Holding tough with audiences young and old over the years, he’s earned every listener he’s acquired from simply following his passion. Combining masterful storytelling, poignant lyrics, and powerful vocal ability, Cole’s music welcomes everyone who wants to engage. Reminiscent of 60s/70s folk, his songs are messages of hope for a weary world.

Artist Bio

I aspire to inspire. To connect. To share. To spark joy. To give a piece of momentary happiness. My song is my island. I want others to feel engaged the way I do l when I listen to songs I love. Alive.

I started taking guitar lessons at 8. Hated every minute of it other than the times I learned songs that I heard on the radio. I remember my first experiences singing in church with my grandparents. It was a conservative congregation that only allowed acapella hymns. The sound of vocal harmony was absolutely chilling.
I took a stab at writing when I was 12-13. I participated in talent shows, choir performances, musicals and plays. I started writing with a group in 2006. We wrote and recorded 2 albums. My experiences during that time really helped add fuel the fire I had for music.
I continued writing throughout college. I eventually found myself in a folk pop trio in 2011. This experience inspired me to continue writing and it became clear that I found refuge in it. This was around the time the song Parachute came about.
I moved to Indianapolis shortly college after to pursue other career endeavors and to focus on my music. I spent a lot of time writing about my experiences with adjusting to new phases in life and the pursuit of wholeness. In February 2013 I released my first solo EP called Parachute.

Artist Bio

Wrap your arms around a friend, and run into the wild.

One man. Many friends. Together, we make music.

Matthew Corken currently is pursuing:
Tied – [formerly tied to tigers] an electronic indie rock band
Matthew Corken and Friends- a collaboration between a wide range of musicians.
TEO – Solo/duo project ranging from one man band loop shows, to drone blues shows.
Heartland Heretics – Indianapolis pop punk
Cyrus Youngman and the Kingfishers – 7 piece Psyc indie folk madness
Juice Dad – Improv Jam

Artist Bio

Jay Elliott is a singer/songwriter from Indianapolis, IN. After picking up the guitar at age 12, Elliott quickly formed a rock band with his friends and began playing acoustic solo shows. The band eventually turned into ‘Stereo Deluxe’ (3-time Nuvo Newsweekly ‘Best Rock Band’ 2009-2011, 2005 Patio Indy Battle of the Bands Winner); and the solo shows have turned into a lifelong habit/occupation.

Artist Bio

A singer/songwriter by trade, Ryan M. Brewer is more accurately described as a traveling musical storyteller. Having always placed the primary importance on lyricism, his songs tend to float effortlessly between genres…each one falling precisely where it needs to in order to most accurately tell the story. And that’s all that matters – songs and stories.

Hailed as Indianapolis’ most brutally honest lyricist, he treads a wide lyrical path – covering existential confusion, political disenchantment, struggle with religious belief and love/happiness in spite of it all. Brewer’s vocal range is impressive, his song structure is challenging, and his guitar work is intricate.

Check out Ryan’s discography —->

Artist Bio

Singer/Songwriter..A truly soulful experience!