The continued support from our community is imperative and YOU have the opportunity to support the only fundraiser of its kind! We welcome event volunteers, campaign volunteers, and friends of the Kause. We also have a variety of sponsorship and partnership opportunities.


Every dollar donated to Kammy’s Kause goes directly to the 4P- Support Group to help fund essential research and to support children with a 4th chromosome condition and their families. Help us raise the bar for rare disease funding.

Learn About Kammy Kares

Learn About Kammy Kares

My name is Jared Hiner. I am the founder and president of Kammy’s Kause, which is the largest fundraiser in the world for 4p- (Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome) support, awareness and research funding. Most importantly, I am the father of a special needs child, Kammy.

I’m writing this today in the hopes of opening your hearts and eyes. I am currently working on a project called Kammy Kares where we establish relationships with businesses in Indiana and across the United States that are similar to yours. Our goal: to secure a few hours at these businesses once a month or every other month, where parents can bring their special needs children to a “safe” place for an afternoon of fun. A place that is free of judgement, negative comments, pointing, laughing and everything else we and our families deal with on a daily basis.

It’s very hard for parents to take their special needs kiddos out in public without worrying about the general public’s opinion. Coupled with this movement we are creating support groups for the siblings of special needs kids. This is monumental! My 8 year old daughter, Sophia, has spent the majority of her young life explaining her sister to kids rather than enjoying her sister with other kids. This is frustrating for them and can be quite difficult.

This support group would allow them to talk to other kids in similar situations where they can share their stories, their triumphs, their concerns, their heartache and create lasting meaningful friendships so they don’t feel so alone. I would LOVE for your organization to consider this as an option and to help us achieve a more loving, accepting, understanding society.

Your small contribution can literally change the course of someone’s life, for the better. Believe me, I’ve been putting on Kammy’s Kause for 13 years and the affect it has had on people is far greater than any of us can comprehend. Help us heal the world. We need it now more than ever.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jared Hiner
Father, Founder & President

If you would like to share the downloadable PDF version of this Letter of Intent regarding Kammy Kares with an organization you believe would like to join our movement, please click here: Kammy Kares Letter of Intent