The continued support from our community is imperative and YOU have the opportunity to support the only fundraiser of its kind! We welcome event volunteers, campaign volunteers, and friends of the Kause. We also have a variety of sponsorship and partnership opportunities.


Every dollar donated to Kammy’s Kause goes directly to the 4P- Support Group to help fund essential research and to support children with a 4th chromosome condition and their families. Help us raise the bar for rare disease funding.



We did it! We finally did it! Our grand total for Kammy’s Kause 2023 is $101,374.56!!!!! We just DONATED more in 2023 than we RAISED total (gross) in 2022. Unbelievable. Simply incredible. 


We want to thank our generous sponsors for their support. They have made sure that we are funded year after year. We love you. 


We want to thank everyone who attended in-person and those who donated and participated from afar. Every t-shirt you bought, every mile that you rode in Kammy’s Ride, every vendor that set up and hung out with us all day, every band you clapped for, every wish list item you purchased, every bid you made in our online auction, every donation you gave on our website, we felt it and we thank you for it! We love you. 


We want to thank the bands that continue to donate their time and talents to our music festival. Without them, you’d end up listening to Jared sing karaoke for 10 hours, and no one wants that. These bands are some of the best that Indy has to offer and we are so fortunate that they believe in this as much as we do. We love you. 


To the Krew.. my goodness.. we were just a bunch of degenerates, with good hearts, who were just winging it when we started. Now we’re the tired, sore, old, but very well-planned and prepared grownups. Stings a little but we’ll keep rolling with it. The blood, the sweat and the oh so many tears.. it all puts us over $700,000 raised in 19 years. What a ride. We love you. 


And to the 4p- kids, adults and families that we do this for. Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for inspiring the best thing many of us will ever be a part of. You are what drives us and we love you. 


What a great way to start this new year and get us pumped up for the 20TH ANNUAL KAMMY’S KAUSE and the 15th ANNUAL KAMMY’S RIDE on August 23rd & 24th. Mark your calendars. We’re gonna do some cool stuff on this TWO DAY event. Thank you so much, so so so much for believing in this Kause and for loving these families. Let’s continue to be the biggest, the best and the kindest music festival, of its kind, in the world. We love you. 


Stay kind,

Kammy and her dad